Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey Everyone

How's it going? I am having more luck actually writing but again am extremely tempted to start more novels. I may give in just because some of the ideas are added on or something to better some old ideas I had for novels which barely (if ever) made it onto paper. The reason I am even more tempted to start more partly because everything I've written recently are romance novels. Which I love romance and I am not ashamed to write romance, I just to wanted my first book published to be a romance. I think as a diverse writer it may be easier to start in a genre like fantasy or sci-fi to get myself recognized and then publish some of my romances. For whatever reason I think it would be harder to get published the other way around. So in conclusion, I've made progress, all on romance novels, and I may start something else that would be in Fantasy or Sci-Fi (most likely fantasy cause that is easier for me to write).

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