Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks all of You

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your support so far. I have decided to just write that part for now. I can perfect it in the rewrite. I have made little progress but I have made progress. I am beginning to worry that I may not be able to finish on time. Hopefully my fears do not turn out to be the truth. I shall keep you all posted. Looking forward to April Fools. Also I have a new website. Visit if you would like it has more information on my book titles and works in progress. Would love your feedback. Talk to you all soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am slowly but surely raising the word count everyday. I don't have an exact number for you because half of it is written in a notebook not the computer, making word count harder to get. I figure I can count it all up at the end and see if I made it. The way I see it, if I count all the words right now it cuts into precious writing time. Last night I had a little break down though. I could use your help. I need a phrase that is similar to this one but sounds more put together. Any help would be appreciated. Traveling may get you places but you never know where you'll end up.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bad/Good News

Okay guys I have decided to set down the mystery novel for now and work on a novel that I have been meaning to write for close to a year now. It's title is Something Fantastical and I am very proud of the plot, which I am sorry to say will not be revealed at this time. To keep me from flip flopping again I have decided to sit down and write this baby in one solid month. That is right folks a month to finish a full length novel. It may sound crazy but it has been done before, by other writers not me. Though I have attempted this before I have failed. What makes this time different you might ask. This is a novel I am dying to write. It may sound silly but I feel like this is the novel I was meant to write. When I look at it it feels like it was the whole reason I became a writer, and that is the best feeling in the world. It does make writing a little daunting though. I have many worries but mostly that my writing is not worthy of the story I have come up with. Hopefully these doubts will subside as I write. Well I am off to write some more and stop procrastinating. This is day 2 in case anyone wants to count along with me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

On To Chapter Two

I have officially finished Chapter one and have moved on to chapter two. I am really psyched about this story. I hit a rough patch for a couple of days but I think that I am over it now. My detective is still interviewing people from the crime scene but hopefully that will be over soon and we can get on to the really juicy stuff. Till next time...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have noticed something with my new story. It isn't coming as easily as some of the others did at the beginning. It is getting harder to think of what scenes to write next or how to continue on from the last one. I don't know why this story is particularly hard. I hope it gets easier as I keep going. I think I just about have the first chapter all done. I have introduced the detective the victim is found and a suspect is already in custody. Seems like it is moving to quickly from just that tidbit but it makes sense in the story. Anyway I am missing alternative suspects and some clues. I just need to think it through some more, maybe then it will come a little bit easier to me. One can only hope.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This might just be a longer form of procrastination but I have taken on another novel. This one is different from my usual stories because it is a mystery. I have written in most genres before with the exception of mystery and sci-fi so this should be an entirely new experience. I am still in the planning phase which I usually don't stay in for more than two days. It has been a week and a half. It is harder with a mystery because you have to know exactly where you are going with it so that you can give the appropriate clues throughout the story. I should be moving into the writing phase soon. Hopefully I get this right the first time around, I would hate to have to rewrite it 5 times to get it right, but I would if I had to. I really want to get this one right. I love the story idea and I think that it is pretty unique, at least I haven't run into it anywhere. I am really excited to get writing. Till next time, which will hopefully be soon, see ya.