Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bad/Good News

Okay guys I have decided to set down the mystery novel for now and work on a novel that I have been meaning to write for close to a year now. It's title is Something Fantastical and I am very proud of the plot, which I am sorry to say will not be revealed at this time. To keep me from flip flopping again I have decided to sit down and write this baby in one solid month. That is right folks a month to finish a full length novel. It may sound crazy but it has been done before, by other writers not me. Though I have attempted this before I have failed. What makes this time different you might ask. This is a novel I am dying to write. It may sound silly but I feel like this is the novel I was meant to write. When I look at it it feels like it was the whole reason I became a writer, and that is the best feeling in the world. It does make writing a little daunting though. I have many worries but mostly that my writing is not worthy of the story I have come up with. Hopefully these doubts will subside as I write. Well I am off to write some more and stop procrastinating. This is day 2 in case anyone wants to count along with me.