Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hired Help

I have "hired" a family friend to type out my handwritten novel so I have a typed version of it(she is doing it for free). It may sound like I'm being lazy but wait until you hear the best part. I type about 40 wpm and the family friend I have mentioned above types on average about 80 wpm, so having her type up my story is a real big time saver. Giving me more time to write my novel. Speaking of which I have made progress. I am at 30 pages. Still awaiting the arrival of my typewriter ink to continue on Masquerade aka novel #2. Things might be moving a little faster now though because I know pretty much how it is going to go from here on out. I guess I figured that out today when writing the lead up to what is going to be the first real exciting action of my book. I am looking forward to continuing it. Off to write some more. Hopefully I will get some of my story up here soon. Thanks for reading. Till next time...

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