Thursday, January 13, 2011

On The Road Again

I won't get a chance to write in this blog later because I will be on the road home all day. I will be returning to my cozy home in Minnesota. I will be writing in the car on the way up, and hopefully I won't get motion sick doing so. The funeral is over, the extended family is already on their way home, and my novel has made only slight progress on this trip. I did get some writing done last night. Page count for In The Dark is up to 23pages. Keep in mind that these are hand written pages. The reason I write by hand is because it is harder for me to write on the computer. It is much harder to start writing when staring at a blank screen, for me at least. Plus a written page seems to fill up more quickly and is more gratifying. If I had ink for my typewriter I would write on that but alas it is out of ink. I still need to buy some. I think I will do that when I get home.


  1. Oh I tend to feel as sick as heck when u'm in the car and writing. Dx

    But I like your blog. It sounds a lot like mine..kinda lolz. So i'll follow it. I hope to read great stuff from you!!!
    Don't let me down >:O lolz

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    i'm a wannabe teen writer as well. Finished my 1st novel and am now hunting down agents. I would love to hear back from you on my blog

  2. Hey,
    I gave you the stylish blogger award.
    Go on my blog to see what you are supposed to do with it.